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Carr's Glen Primary School and Nursery, 629 Oldpark Rd, Belfast

Extra-Curricular Activities

The School offers a wide range of after-school activities, some of them funded under the Extended Schools Programme. It is our belief that these activities give opportunities for children to broaden their experiences and skills as well as provide additional services for parents.

Activities may vary slightly from year to year, depending on the availability of staff but the following are a list of the type of activities that are offered by the school to pupils.

Our After Schools Club gives provision for parents who have children in Year 1 and also in the upper school who are collected at differing times. This provides in-school activities so parents only have one journey to make and is covered by a minimal cost of £1.50.

Our very popular Folk-dancing club have had another successful year winning several trophies at a variety of competitions which they have entered!

In addition to our usual provision we have also introduced a counselling element through a local counselling service, ‘Jigsaw!’ This allows pupils (and parents) to access an independent listening ear through Helen.

After Schools Clubs: Art Club, Breakfast Club, Tech Minions, Counselling, Cycling Proficiency, Film Club, Folk Dancing, Football, French, Homework Club, Maths Club, Monkeynastics, Scripture Union, Spanish and Zumba.