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Although the need for an understanding in the basics of mathematics remains the same as it was 75 years ago when Carr’s Glen opened, the methods of teaching have changed.


In Carr’s Glen we place an emphasis in the Foundation Stage of working with practical apparatus through structured play. The use of language and early mathematical concepts are based on the concrete evidence of what your child can see and touch. The introduction of numbers and the building up of mathematical principles are built on this foundation and we aim to give children a rich mathematical experience which fosters an enjoyment of numeracy and is not just about learning number facts .


This process is complemented by a supply of mathematical apparatus, games and ICT materials which develop children’s thinking and understanding of Maths. It encouages them to think independently and to realise that there may be more than one way to solve mathematical problems.


The use of Mathematics and Numeracy skills can be transferred into other activites and although we dedicate a set time each day to working directly in Mathematical activities there are other times when children may use these skills, such as in Topic Work, ICT or even in PE if calculating times or distances.


In a similar manner to our Literacy children are tested in their Numeracy ability as they progress throughout the school and these results not only inform us about your child’s numeracy level but are used to target areas for development.