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  • Carr's Glen Primary School, 629 Oldpark Road,
  • Belfast, County Antrim, BT14 6QX
  • Tel: 028 90391286

Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section.




Mr Michael Davison              Chairperson                            Transferor Representative


Mrs Karen Ingram                 Vice-Chairperson                    Transferor Representative      


Mrs Janice Hamilton             Governor                                 Education Authority /Transferor Representative                     


Rev Colin Morrison               Governor                                 Transferor Representative


Mr Dale Pankhurst                Governor                                  Education Authority Representative              


Mrs Janet Nixon                    Governor                                  Parent  Representative


Mrs Joanna Longstaff           Governor                                  Parent Representative


Mrs Joanne Gault                 Governor                                  Teacher Representative


Mr Derek Harkness               Secretary

Role of the Governors

As defined in DENI Circular 2010/18 Every School A Good School ~ The Governors Role:


The role of the Board of Governors is to manage the school with a view to providing the best possible education and educational opportunities for all the pupils. This involves:

• setting the strategic direction for the school; and

• taking corporate decisions in relation to the statutory functions of the Board of Governors.


Board of Governors have a statutory function in relation to the school and they are accountable for ensuring that any decisions made are to support the best interests of the school and its pupils, whilst also considering other legislative restrictions. 


In order to do this, Governors have to:

• set the structures for the delegation of management functions;

• set the limits for delegation at each level ie committee, Principal;

• ensure that there are formal written procedures for handling complaints in relation to the school;

• respect the role of the Principal and work with the Principal on all matters affecting the school;

• ensure that it has all of the information necessary to make sound management decisions and that it seeks additional advice from the

  Education Authority School Support Services as necessary;

• share responsibility for setting the agenda for its meetings;

• adhere to the procedures for the conduct of business as set out in the scheme of management (and the procedures agreed for 

  dealing with employment matters,

• encourage the involvement of pupils in the development of school councils


Governors have to give consideration to the many aspects and functions of the school including;

  • Promoting Equality, Good Relations and Diversity

  • Education Standards

  • The Revised Curriculum

  • Financial Management

  • School Staff

  • Pupil Admissions

  • Religious Education

  • Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

  • Pupil Pastoral Care and Child Protection

  • Educational Visits

  • Pupil Behaviour and Discipline

  • Pupil Registration and Attendance

  • Schemes to Assist Low Income Families

  • School Days of Operation and Closure

  • School Fees, Charges and Remissions

  • School Milk, Meals and Related Facilities

  • School Premises/Wider Use of the School in the Community

  • School Publications

  • School Records and Handling of Information


At a practical level the Principal acts on behalf of the Governors and is accountable to them for the outworking of these responsibilities on a daily basis.  Governors meetings are held on a regular basis throughout the school year and include a variety of these items on the agenda.