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  • Carr's Glen Primary School, 629 Oldpark Road,
  • Belfast, County Antrim, BT14 6QX
  • Tel: 028 90391286


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At Carr’s Glen we place an emphasis on the development of a range of literacy skills, through reading, oracy, spelling, writing and comprehension. These aspects are catered for through a dedicated literacy time and also by the use of topic work were children have opportunities to use a range of these skills.



We have made a proactive decision to develop the language and reading skills of our children through the practice of ‘Linguistic Phonics.’ This builds upon the Comet programme used in Year 1 and exposes children to letter sounds and phonic responses to letter combinations. The skills taught through this programme should further enhance the ability of children as they approach the written word and foster an increased capability in, and, enjoyment of reading. We use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme as our core reading scheme but children progress through to reading novels in Key Stage 2

Pupils at Carr’s Glen are confident in their oracy skills and as the inspectors noted, our children ‘demonstrate very good skills in talking and listening.’ They talk confidently with others about their learning, school life and personal likes/dislikes. We provide opportunities to ask questions, offer explanations, engage in discussions, make presentations, etc. All of this fosters a wider use and understanding of the spoken language.



Children are encouraged to write in a range of forms and for a variety of purposes and audiences. This can be descriptive, retelling, instructional, letters, lists, etc. Apart from actual pen and paper children also make extensive use of ICT using word processing or presentational software or via email.

Visiting authors, storytellers, artists and poets expose our children to a wider field of expertise and foster a love of literacy in all it’s forms.