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International Links




Our school received a Quality Label Award in 2016/17 for its eTwinning work through a Mindstorm to Brainstorm Erasmus project.  This award celebrated the quality of engagement and work undertaken between Carr's Glen and several European partners, included Portugal, Italy, Hungary and Romania.


Currently our Year 6 class are involved with several schools throughout Europe on an SOS Project... Sharing our smiles...
This is a project on happiness and wellbeing! It is about helping students find happiness and share it with others. It will focus on ourselves, well being, friendships and relationships. The project will start in September 2018 and end in May 2019. There will be tasks to be completed to share happiness in many ways such as smiley photos and creating posters about ourselves, passing a 'message in a rucksack' from one country to the other, art, letters and cards to each other, sharing well being strategies


Our Year 3 Class are working on two eTwinning Projects

Learning Together

This is a project based on getting to know each other and learning from each other linked in to our topics and using digital technologies.

The aim is to use digital technology to enhance learning across the curriculum based on different topic areas. During the project we will also get to know each other and understand the different environments we all live in.


The Year 3 Class is also involved in a Christmas Card Exchange

Children will exchange Christmas cards with other schools in Europe.
The idea is to send at least one card to each school involved in the project.
At Twinspace they will share photos of student's activities related to Christmas, Christmas song videos, a school play and so on. They will also arrange a simple videoconference or other activity partner school suggest.

The goal is to include children from the earliest age in the eTwinning world. To raise awareness about the importance of co-operation among different schools. Encourage a sense of community and co-operation, regardless of the different customs, cultures and regions we come from.



Mindstorm to Brainstorm

This Erasmus project ran from 2015 - 2018 and received an eTwinning Quality award for the engagement between pupils through Twinspace.  The project centred around the use of Lego Robotics and the capacity for children to develop and enhance their ICT skills through robotics and programming.


Steam to Steam

Our project aims to work on the most effective ways to cope with under-achievement in STEAM subjects in classes, to promote acquisitions of skills and competences, to increase access to high quality early childhood education and raise the quality of education. The activities and workshops planned in the project will help students with low achievements on their STEAM subjects, and by doing so, increasing their chances to succeed in their professional life.


And Action

In this project we plan to let the children create and exchange videos on various topics concerning hemselves, their home, their interests etc. The medium “video” in its central position serves several purposes: For one, the exchange of films creates a tangible connection between children in the

various partner countries; they can actually see and hear each other and can then create products targeted to an audience they can relate to. 

Our main objective is the development of media literacy to support the priority of promoting the acquisition of skills and key competences.Children actively deal with the subject “video” by creating their own films and so analyse and discuss its features and possibilities. Writing film scripts, they

extend their literacy skills. They develop their foreign language and intercultural communication skillsin a holistic way, using the English language throughout the project in class exchanges, and in the videos.